The Main Parts of Computer. 

There are many external parts can be attach with Computers to perform other operations like scanning by scanner, pointing by light pen, external storage devices like flash drive and hard-disk and finger print sensor etc.

The main 4 parts of Computer are described below, without these part computer can not operate.

1. Monitor
2. C.P.U
3. Keyboard
4. Mouse

1. Monitor 

a monitor is very important device for all computers. It is an electronic output device, which is used to display text, images, videos and graphic information as output after processing in C.P.U. monitor is also known as Video Display Terminal (VDT) and Video Display Unit (VDU). In 21st century the size of monitors is very small and very thin that's why monitor and flat screen TVs like LCD, LED and OLED etc. are also called TFT.

Important Full-Forms related to Monitor.

VDT - Video Display Terminal

VDU - Video Display Unit

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

LED - Light Emitting Diode

OLED - Organic Light Emitting Diode

TFT - Thin Film Transistor.

2. C.P.U   

C.P.U is stands for Central Processing Unit. It is primary component and Considered as the brain of Computer. It perform all type of data processing operations instructed by user. The CPU takes instructional inputs from the computer's RAM, decodes and processes the action, before delivering an output on computer screen. CPUs are in all sorts of devices ranging from computers, laptops and smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. The small and usually square chip is placed onto the device's motherboard and interacts with the other hardware to operate the computers.

There are main 3 components that C.P.U follows.

- Memory Unit

- Control Unit

- Arithmetic & Logical Unit

3. Keyboard 

A computer keyboard is an primary input device that allows a person to enter text, numbers, and other symbols into a computer. The normal keyboard can have approx 100 keys and more. It can also called typewriter or electronic typewriter.

There any five types of keys in Computer Keyboard.

- Alphabetical Keys

- Numerical Keys

- Punctuation keys

- Function Keys

- Special Keys

4. Mouse 

Mouse is a Small Hardware and primary input device that is use to point the particular area on the computer screen. Mouse controls the movement of the cursor in GUI and can select text, file, folders and also can open the files and folders.

There are main 3 keys in Mouse 

- Right Key

- Left key

- Wheel

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